Christian Sadofsky

Diplom-Designer (FH),
Düsseldorf, Germany


Graphic designer (02/2011: Dipl.-Des FH) with 20+ years of professional experience in media production & design with a special interest in photography and motion pictures/graphics. Courteous, open minded, polite. Ability to form concepts, to see the big picture and transfer strategy to visual output. Very well documented, well organized data storage, pixel perfect, rapid production of graphics & animation for print and web. Animation with AfterFX & Flash, webdesign, Dreamweaver, CMS, HTML & CSS, JS basics. Google Display Advertising (GDN) & Analytics, DooH & Digital Signage.




Hard Skills

  • PC and Mac, German & English (preferred) software
  • Adobe Photoshop (since 4.0)
  • Adobe Illustrator (since CS)
  • Macromedia Flash (since 4.0)
  • Adobe After Effects (since 5.0)
  • Adobe Premiere (since 5.0)
  • Macromedia Freehand (since 8.0)
  • Adobe InDesign (since CS)
  • Macromedia Dreamweaver (since 3.0)
  • HTML & CSS hard-coded (since 2000)
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro (Distiller)
  • Basics in 3D-modelling and animation with 3D Studio Max
  • Audio-/video editing and encoding/decoding (Adobe)
  • Operating Systems (Windows, OS/X)
  • Media literacy, media skills, internet expert
  • Data management (file & folder management, storage, backup)
  • Configurations of workstations and networks (Internet/LAN: Router, WLAN)
  • User skills in TCP/IP, HTTP, POP3, SMTP, FTP
  • Open Source web applications: WordPress, Joomla, xt:Commerce, openshop and others

Soft skills
Good sense of humor

English (very good)
French (basics)
Latin (Latinum)

Driving Licences
Motor vehicle up to 7.5t total weight
Motor bike (unrestricted)

Muscle sports & fitness, board sports, riding a motor bike, volleyball, music, films, photography

Recent Work

Over one year of regular shooting on location to document progress in renovations and energetic modernization to fulfill the German KFW-100 constraints that equals a contemporary new construction.

After the grand opening of the Skatepark Eller in August 2018, the German Skate Championship took place in Germany’s biggest skatepark in Düsseldorf Eller for the second time in a row.

A logo is not a constant. It’s a design principle.
In a world of constant change, a dynamic corporate design reflects best, that your company is prepared for a fast pace.

2019/01/06 (shot on 2018/10/25)

Los Angeles Venice Beach & Canals

2019/01/19 (shot on 2018/10/24)

Los Angeles Hollywood Universal City

2019/01/27 (shot on 2018/10/17)

San Francisco Fog City

2018/10/12 – 2018/10/26

California Road Trip

2016/07 – 2016/03
WordPress Blog & Video Clips


2016/02 – 2015/09
Graphic Designer (Marketing for Mobile App)

trivago GmbH

2015/08 – 2013/11
Marketing Artist

Blue Byte UBISOFT GmbH

2013/10 – 2012/08
Freelancer in a shared office

drei kubik

2012/07 – 2011/08
Webdesigner (frontend)

TimoCom Soft- und Hardware GmbH

2015 – 2001


2016 – 2005

Free work


2011/02 – 2005/09
Diplom Designer (FH), Grade: 2.0

University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (Diplom-Designer, FH)

2005/08 – 2005/01
Business Informatics
Design Studies Preparation

Universität Duisburg Essen (Campus Essen)

2004/12 – 2003/02
English, Sociology, Mathematics & Philosophy, Grade: 2.9

Riehl-Kolleg, Düsseldorf (A-level)

2002/07 – 2000/04
Media designer for digital- and print media (design/non-print), Grade: 2.1

Media designer for digital and print media (IHK)

1999/02 – 1989/09 (Latinum)

Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium (Mettmann-Metzkausen)


    Social Media